Read how the Emory laboratory handled testing for the patients infected with Ebola here.



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What is the clinical significance of Staphylococcus epidermidis recovered from a semen culture?

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aeromonas aerococcus cll
Accidental Diagnosis: Aeromonas Infection Leading to Discovery of AML-MDS
photo: Nathan Reading/Wikimedia Commons
Infectious Endocarditis in a 49-Year-Old Man Drug-Induced AHA in a 78-Year-Old African-American Man with CLL


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Acquired B Phenotype

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Generation Gap from a Resident’s POV

Welcome to Lablogatory--the blog for medical laboratory professionals.


Measles Outbreak in an Unvaccinated Family and a Possibly Associated International Traveler — Orange County, Florida, December 2012–January 2013

Clinical Isolates of Shiga Toxin 1a–Producing Shigella flexneri with an Epidemiological Link to Recent Travel to Hispañiola

M. D. Gray et al.

Complete List of Currently Approved Premarket Approvals (PMAs)

Information updated through August 31, 2014

Understanding Today’s Trends in Healthcare and the Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Testing Marketplace

Recent White Papers detail solutions for implementing new payment strategies for medical laboratories and pathology groups Clinical diagnostic laboratories, pathology groups and healthcare institutions are carrying significant and potentially unsustainable levels of unreimbursed services. Although bad debt and uncompensated care in the healthcare industry are not new, they have been increasing at the same time […]