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Laboratory Test Support for Ebola Patients Within a High-Containment Facility An Integrated Approach to Laboratory Testing for Patients with Ebola Virus Disease Winter 2015 issue


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Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus Associated with Surgical Procedures — New Jersey 2010 and Wisconsin 2011

West Nile Virus Infection Incidence Based on Donated Blood Samples and Neuroinvasive Disease Reports, Northern Texas, USA, 2012

D. T. Cervantes et al.


New Medical Laboratory-in-a-Suitcase Detects Ebola in 15 Minutes or Less

Demand for a rapid, accurate diagnostic solution to combat Ebola is motivating research teams in many countries to develop solutions that can be put to immediate use In West Africa, the outbreak of Ebola in several countries motivated researchers in Germany to develop a fast, accurate, and inexpensive test that could be performed in patient […]