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Laboratory Test Support for Ebola Patients Within a High-Containment Facility An Integrated Approach to Laboratory Testing for Patients with Ebola Virus Disease Contingency Planning for Weather Related Emergencies


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The Bombay Phenotype

CLSI and APHL to Co-Host 12th Annual AST Update Webinars

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Microbiology Case Study

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EARLY RELEASE: Public Health Response to Commercial Airline Travel of a Person with Ebola Virus Infection — United States, 2014

7345.848 - Inspection of Biological Drug Products

Breakthrough DNA Editing Tool May Help Pathologists Develop New Diagnostic Approaches to Identify and Treat the Underlying Causes of Diseases at the Genetic Level

The advent of the CRISPR/Cas9 genetic editing tool is already generating novel therapies for diseases and will create new opportunities for pathologists and medical laboratories In just 24 months, a new gene-editing tool has become the hot topic worldwide among researchers working to understand DNA and develop ways to manipulate it for therapeutic purposes. It […]