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What is the clinical significance of Staphylococcus epidermidis recovered from a semen culture?

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Current Issue Chikungunya virus and the blood supply Lab Medicine is indexed in Medline!


Check out our Chikungunya virus information page to learn what you need to know about the disease, testing, and the blood supply


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World Hepatitis Day — July 28, 2014

Human Infection with Influenza Virus A(H10N8) from Live Poultry Markets, China, 2014

T. Zhang et al.

August 30, 2010 Clarification Letter - Afluria

clarify your pediatric study fulfillment requirements that were omitted from our approval letter, dated November 10, 2009

Growth in High Deductible Health Plans Cause Savvy Clinical Labs and Pathology Groups to Collect Full Payment at Time of Service

Medical laboratories can increase revenue and reduce bad debt by using technology to verify patient ID and insurance information before a specimen is provided Due to a need to collect payment directly from the growing number of patients with high-deductible health plans, many clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups are experiencing flat or even declining cash flow. […]