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Resistance-Gene Cassettes Associated With Salmonella enterica Genotypes Interpretation of Coagulation Test Results Using a Web-Based Reporting System Encrusted Cystitis Secondary to Corynebacterium glucuronolyticum


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Microbiology Case Study–35-Year-Old with a Puncture Wound

Welcome to Lablogatory--the blog for medical laboratory professionals.


World No Tobacco Day — May 31, 2015

Oligella ureolytica Bacteremia in Elderly Woman, United States

T. Simmons et al.

Jobs at the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Interdisciplinary Scientist, Closes: 4/23/2010; Supervisory Contract Specialist (Direct Hire), Closes: 12/31/2010

Harvard Researchers Demonstrate a New Method to Deliver Gene-editing Proteins into Cells: Possibly Creating a New Diagnostic Opportunity for Pathologists

This technology has potential to create a demand for pathologists to do genetic analysis as a companion diagnostic in support of physicians treating patients with gene-editing proteins Researchers at Harvard University have demonstrated a new method to deliver gene-editing proteins into cells. This breakthrough could eventually trigger a demand for pathologists to do genetic analysis […]